The Beauty of Brain Connections


Today’s prompt is a light one: it asks us to share a beautiful image from our field.

About ten years ago, Muse uncovered the artwork of their album, The 2nd Law. Provided by the Human Connectome Project, this image depicts structural connections in the brain, i.e. fibres that link different brain regions. It remains one of the most beautiful and also humbling images of the human brain.

The connections were reconstructed using a method called diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), a type of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). This kind of image represents the first in vivo glimpse we got at the human whole-brain wiring and it is something that has tremendously impacted the field of neuroscience.

However, it remains still just a small step towards the main goal of mapping not just the large fibre tracts between regions, but the connections between all the estimated 86 billion neurons of the human brain.

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